The Cello of Mr. O

By Jane Cutler


This is a beautifully illustrated story is set in a war-torn town. Throughout the book, the main character has to wrestle with her own emotions, learn that she has misjudged others, and discover how the courage and strength of one person can nourish many.

Check Out Kahoot!

Teachers, you can make fun, interactive, and informative games, or you can create surveys for your class to use.  Spend a little time looking at quizzes/surveys that other’s have made.  I hope that you love this site as much as I do.  I am working on my first one about genre.  I will post it here, when it is completed.  For now, have fun on the site!


Mo Willems

If you have a preschooler through 3rd grader, you should check out Mo Willems.  His books vary from engaging easy readers to humorous read aloud books.  A favorite in my family is The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog.  You can play games or look at books on his website.  The games are geared toward a younger audience.  His published books have a wider age range appeal.