The Enchanted Charms

The Enchanted Charms by Geronimo Stilton
It’s an action-packed story. I think any 2nd-6th grader would like this book. If you like fantasy and action books, this is the book for you. Geronimo has to collect enchanted charms to save the kingdom of fantasy.

Student Recommendation


By R. J. Palacio

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August Pullman, Auggie to his family and friends, was born with a genetic disorder caused him to be physically disfigured.  Previously homeschooled, Auggie starts school at Beecher Prep, and Wonder is the story of his first year there.  This rich story provides the grounds for authentic discussions about friendship, bullying, acceptance, forgiveness, and the strength of the human spirit.  If you enjoyed Wonder already, look into The Julian Chapter or Pluto.

Mo Willems

If you have a preschooler through 3rd grader, you should check out Mo Willems.  His books vary from engaging easy readers to humorous read aloud books.  A favorite in my family is The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog.  You can play games or look at books on his website.  The games are geared toward a younger audience.  His published books have a wider age range appeal.